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The Nearby Blood Drive

The following is a short internal rant about how I feel when I pass the nearby blood drive. Feel free to skip over it and completely disregard it.

The Dangers of Passive Acceptance

Today’s post will be more of a thought experiment, so bear with me and let your mind and imagination roam free. If you are a person of privilege, imagine it to be taken away for the rest of this post. If you are a man, pretend you are a woman or trans. If you are white, pretend you are not. If you are straight, pretend like you are bisexual, pansexual, or asexual. I’m sure you get the point and if you don’t know these terms, it is imperative that you Google them right now, not just for this post, but for your health and safety and of those around you. First, a definition:

My Journey With Imposter Syndrome (thus far)

I know my last post was also pretty heavy, so I apologize in advance for the “double posting” feel. First, some background.


It’s Thanksgiving, so naturally we’re all supposed to be thinking about what we are thankful for as individuals or unit groups of people. Having thought about it, I think I’d have to say that this year, the thing I’ve realized most and valued most is acceptance. This probably won’t come as a surprise to some of you.

A Trip to the Science Center

This past weekend, we took a trip to the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix. It requires a bit of a drive for us, about 2 hours from Tucson without the additional traffic on the freeway. We decided to go after I had found out that my boyfriend never had the childhood science museum experience, whereas that may have been one of my favorite things as a kid. Honestly, we had started watching Cosmos with Neil de Grasse Tyson on Netflix and completely nerded out. The visualizations got to us. Preceeding that, he’s taking an astronomy class, so there isn’t a better excuse to go.