Just a quick heads up for those of you managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers out there that might run into the following error:

Error: failure: repodata/21902f8fd8b374a83d65f39dc78c9707a6c7d0274e8d6e7344cdcb958410cfa2-filelists.sqlite.bz2 from epel: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.

I’ve hit it twice now on different servers updating to 6.7. Luckily the fix is really easy, just run:

$ sudo yum clean all

Yum will look for the data in the right place next time you try to run sudo yum update. For more information, check out the RHEL documentation on the yum cache Hope this helps you.

I'm trying to do better at logging some of the 'not so obvious' roadblocks I come across in development in hopes of helping people who might get stuck on them. I know the internet is one of my best resources when I get stuck on things and I'm always really grateful to the people who make short blog posts about those problems.